Why Choose Rosy Dev, Astrologer in India?

She has over 12 years of relevant experience in this field.
She Has Solid Educational Background, One of The Most Learned Members Of the Astrology Community.
Friendly World
She Is Extremely Trustworthy, Friendly To the Client.
Best Astrologer in India
Astrologers Chart in India
She Provides Proper Justification On Good/Bad Side Of Natal Charts Where Other Astrologers Fail To Explain.
Astrologers Analysis in India
She Does a Thorough Analysis From All Angles Before Making Predictions And Stands By Her Analysis.

Customer Success Stories

Renowned Public Figure
From a Renowned Public Figure

This client had problems in married life. She consulted Dr. Dev along with her spouse. Dr. Dev analyzed natal charts of the couple and suggested appropriate remedies. Being a Vastu Vid, she recommended some changes on place of stay. Her combined remedies have worked, and the couple is doing well now.

IT Professional
From an IT Professional

This client came to Dr Dev with his girlfriend with the prospect of marriage. Dr Dev helped with accurate analysis of kundalini and gave long term remedies for a successful marriage. The couple is happily married since and had again consulted Dr Dev for the welfare of their newborn babies.

TV Artist
From a Renowned TV Artist

This client has Mangalik dosha and approached Dr Dev for problems related to career choices, and interpersonal relations. Dr Dev not only provided accurate predictions but also gave counselling to improve and sustain the relationship. With complete guidance from Dr Dev, the client chose the right choices and has been flourishing from then onwards.


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